Would you like to go to Cannes?

Car service app Uber is jetting into new territory with its launch of UberJET. This new app will allow you to use the Uber app to request an UberJET and have the privilege to fly away to and from the Cannes film festival.


Starting from May 12th to the 18th, Uber will team up with Goodwill Private Jets so you can request a private Jet directly from the app. Once your request is complete a black car will arrive and escort you to the jet that awaits at the Bourget airport and fly you to Nice. Another Uber car will be waiting there that will drive you to your finale destination in Cannes.

This UberJET ride will cost $8,930 and the aircraft can carry up to 4 passengers. You can also split the fare of the flight with your friends using the ‘fare split” button in the app when you are on your way.