Twenty Five Years of Luminox

The perfect watch for every dimension!


Test Pilot XCOR Space Expeditions
“Luminox has achieved remarkable results in this short period of time. They’re very innovative, very forward thinking, and that’s what unites us. Obviously we have a special bond with their target groups, especially the pilots. They have watches commemorating the Lockheed Martin F-16 and F-22. And now they have the Space Series which is very cool for us!”

Watch: SXC/XCOR Steel GMT 5121.GN, $795.


American explorer, underwater filmmaker and counterterrorism operative UVP (Undersea Voyager Project)
“Supported by Luminox as my personal gear on all expeditions, the Undersea Voyager Project’s mission continues around the world performing manned undersea missions of exploration with children as Youth Ambassadors along with scientists, researchers and regular folks conducting science.”

Watch: Deep Dive Automatic 1513, $2,100.


Indy 500 Champion, Chip Ganassi Racing
When Tony Kanaan wanted to create a watch that would be part of his ESSENTIAL GEAR for his active lifestyle, he turned to Luminox. In collaboration, they have produced four Limited Edition series. “Working with Luminox over these years on my watch has been truly amazing and for a watch guy like me, it’s a dream come true.”

Watch: Tony Kanaan Chronograph 1143, $ 1,400.