The Charms of Jericoacoara

Impossible to reach Jericoacoara in Ceará, or simply Jeri, as it is affectionately called, and not to fall in love. Wanting to live there. For those who like to walk the seaside, take the opportunity to get to Pedra Furada considered the second postcard of Jeri. To the east of Jeri is the beach of Preá is one of the most accessible for those in the village.

And the beauties don’t stop there. The Blue and Paradise lagoons, located in the village of Jijoca de Jericoacoara-are two different corners of the same lake, are the best places to dive and sunbathe in the region. The bright and calm waters are an invitation not to leave so soon, at least until the sun sets.

After all the tours, return to the village, take a good bath, wear the slippers and go in search of a distinctive menu-the restaurants offer crepes, pizzas, seafood, among others. Surely after all this will be impossible to contain the desire to stay forever in the enchanting Jeri.