Miami Real Estate is booming again


Miami has, and continues to be, the front door for all Latin-Americans, especially Brazilians, for holidays, investments, or moving to this city. The Brazilians still lead in this sector.

Miami, as a city, represents what Brazilians are looking for — a beautiful place that Is considered the perfect paradise for buyers, while adding to this — the comfort and security that Miami offers.
The city is the number one destination for Brazilians. The Greater Miami & Visitors Bureau maintains that Brazil is the first partner of Florida, either in investments or buying.

To some, Miami is their living address. To others, the second residence for vacations.

Regarding investors, a huge percentage of wealthy Brazilians are here to buy luxury real estate. For them, Miami represents a secure place where they invest their money without the fear of any instability or fluctuation of the market. It is an investment that guarantees good return. Many of the biggest developers in Miami target Brazilian buyers. They still are on the pole-position as first buyers in the luxury category, followed by Russians, Canadians, and Americans.

In each new development, it is almost sure that between 20 to 30% will be acquired by Brazilians. The year of 2013 was no surprise when 43% of the entire inventory of luxury real estate was sold to Brazilians.

Those condos offer beauty, comfort, and sophistication. They also provide services with spectacular infrastructures like St Regis in Bal Harbour, Regalia in Aventura, Jade Resort, Trump Towers and Acqualina in Sunny Isles.

In the Luxury category, there are many projects in Miami ranging from 4 million, the cheapest, to more than 60 million dollars. The signature of those beautiful projects come from the best architects in the world — Swiss, Italians, Argentinians, and also the Brazilian architect João Armentano. They all are the “brains” behind the beauty that soon will embellish Miami.

Among new projects, like Porsche Design Tower launched by Group Dezer, has the innovative Dezervation (lift). It is a new concept that allows its owner to park the car in the front door of the unit with complete privacy.

Another great project in Sunny Isles is the newest and recently launched Turnberry Ocean Club from Turnberry Associates. The Soffer family has more than fifty years of building and innovating significant projects. In their portfolio are Aventura Mall, The Fontainebleau Hotel, Turnberry Isles Resort, Porto Vita, and others in the cities of Las Vegas, Washington D.C, and the Bahamas.

In this spectacularly new development, the famous architects Carlos Zapata and Robert Swedroe, have projected the “Sky Club” for Turnberry Ocean Club. Sunny Isles is considered the “Millionaires Road,” and this new project will have a unique “Sky Club” within an area of 3000 m2. Certainly it will have the best sunrises and sunsets of Sunny Isles. Turnberry is a ten billion dollars portfolio company.

Zaha Hadid, the great “Dame” Architect, and the only woman to win the most significant Pritzker Prize twice, was also signing one of the most incredible projects in Miami. It is the One Thousand Museum Tower. Recently launched, it will have sixty-two floors of pure luxe with prices ranging between 5.7 to 49 million. Zaha is internationally well known for her futuristic designs. The building will be the first one in Miami to have its own heliport. Unfortunately, the world lost the acclaimed Zaha who came to inspect the construction and died suddenly on April 16. Her creations will remain.

Miami exerts a strong attraction to the ones who love diversity. The sun, the beaches, and its multicultural flair, made Ugo Colombo, from Milan, choose to stay. He came to study at the University of Miami in 1983 and never left. Ugo is a pioneer in the skyline of Miami. In the financial heart of Miami, Brickell Avenue, are some of the most beautiful buildings developed by his company, including Bristol Tower, Santa Maria, Epic Residences, and the recently launched Flatiron.

Flatiron will have 549 units. It will be the last construction on Brickell Avenue and has been projected to have a 360-degree panoramic view. It will be at 736 feet street level.

Miami is flourishing again with luxury and superb buildings.

In Ugo word’s “Miami has evolved into one of the leading world markets of luxury living.”