Jared Lang, the Jeunesse Dorée from Montreal

He is a young entrepreneur and a businessman. Being the third generation in the fashion business, Jared Lang didn’t want to follow in his parents’ industry, and at a very young age, entrepreneurship was running wild in his blood. Together with a few friends, they started to build up a fashion brand back in Montreal, but the business agreement didn’t go further. Jared then turned to the Web. There, he sold products, making the necessary backup to support his intention to fly higher. His dream was to build his brand. Then is when Jared Lang became a fashion and style reference for the fit, young guy. The colorful fabric, style design, and sophistication of Jared’s brand are hitting the Miami market by storm.

Jared Lang

It takes time to build a brand, but it didn’t take long for the creative brain behind this brand, Jared, the Jeneusse Dorée from Montreal.
Jared’s design is preferred by the up-to-date, well-dressed “Miamians.” It is a “must” for “fit” persons, and Miami has the perfect environment.

Look around Lincoln Road or South Beach, and you’ll understand the spirit of stylish people. A town visited by people from everywhere, Miami is, like they say, full of millennials. The Sunshine State was the location of choice for Jared. After his decision to leave Montreal, Jared established himself in our city, and here he found the perfect town for his unique brand.
Because he travels there twice per year, Italy, Paris, and Turkey are where Jared Lang’s entire line is produced to perfection. His inspiration indeed comes from each of his trips. With no margin of error, Italy and Paris always provide the latest in fashion, fabrics, and trends in this industry.

The leather apparel comes entirely from Turkey, a country well-known and rich in expertise, which produces high-end fashion with all kinds of leather. In fact, Turkey produces some of the best leathers in the world.

The Jared Lang brand can be found in most upscale department stores like Nordstrom, Neumann Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, and now, also, in the recently opened Jared Lang store in Aventura Mall. For a brand launched only nine years ago, it is an incredible entry to any market. Jared himself believes that licensing will be one of his next steps for his brand to grow worldwide. Neighboring in the newest Aventura Mall and its recently opened building that houses Gucci, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton, Jared Lang is making waves among the young and beautiful millennials!