Graff Diamonds

Fabulous jewels and watches


Graff Diamonds is a multinational jeweler, home for the most fabulous jewels and watches in the world. The company’s jewelry is a true work of art combining the natural beauty of gem accentuated by the work of a man. The British jewellers have also created numerous timepieces which are exclusive in the real sense. However their latest contribution to the collection of luxury watches speaks of exceptional quality that has become synonymus with Graff Diamonds.


The company unveils the exclusive 55 million dollar “Hallucination” timepiece covered in best and rarest of the diamonds. It is estimated to be the most valuable watch ever created. A team of designers, gemologists and master craftsmen worked on this piece for thousands of hours to make it “a sculptural masterpiece to present the miracle of colored diamonds”. Once the design was complited, it took about two years to pick the stones. Later, the execution of the piece was entrusted to a select group of watchmakers and gemologists from the company under the strickt supervision of Laurence Graff , chairman of Graff Diamonds, whom the concept of the watch came directly from. Featuring a stunning kaleidoscope of over 110 carats of extraordinarily rare coloured diamonds, the Graff Hallucination takes jewellery watchmaking to an unprecedented new level.