Fernando de Noronha

The lost paradise on the northeast coast of Brazil

Fernando de Noronha, the lost paradise is an archipelago of twenty-one islands located 350 kilometers from the northeast coast of Brazil. It is a protected national marine park and a dream come true for divers and nature lovers. Fernando de Noronha, it was a Portuguese merchant that sponsor the expedition. The Portuguese crown gave the name Fernando de Noronha for services rendered by the sponsor. It was the year of 1500.

The rich archipelago islands. Flora, Fauna, Marine Life still almost untouched.

The Flora, Fauna, Marine life and beauty of it on this archipelago island’s almost inhabited. It is due to the Government control that only permits visits during certain times of the year. It’s uniqueness administration is under the responsibility of the state of Pernambuco from where you can find the perfect flight and permit to stay. The number of visitors is also under control to preserve the ecosystem. For nature lovers, divers and anyone that is after beauty, the archipelago is a great place to be.

During WWII, the strategic importance of Fernando de Noronha.

During the second world war in 1942, the archipelago became a Federal territory to where were sent political and ordinary prisoners. The same year, the United States Army Air Forces Transport Command constructed the Airport in Fernando de Noronha. To serve and stablished the route between Natal (capital of Rio Grande do Norte and French West Africa).
It was necessary to create a new route to support the transit of cargo, aircraft, and personnel for the Allies campaign in Africa. In 1944 Brazil’s Government transferred the Airport to the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. After the end of the war, the Airport administration went back to the Brazilian Government.

This archipelago has twenty- one island, that is of volcanic origin. The majority of the islands are submerged. The principal one has an area of 6.9 sq miles long by 2.2 miles wide.

Fernando de Noronha has a population of only 2.718 and 1,492 Hotels.

It is a destination for divers and nature lovers. Have you ever swim in surrounded by Dolphins? Or dive? The visibility under the water is around 98 to 160 ft.

Famous beaches are Pig Bay, Dolphins Bay, Lion’s Beach, Sancho Bay amount many others called Dog Beach, Americans Beach.

The South Equatorial current pushes warm water from Africa to the island.

In 1988 the Government designated 70% of the archipelago as a maritime national park to preserve the land and sea environment. On that same year, the archipelago Fernando de Noronha was adding to the state of Pernambuco.

The archipelago is subject and attention of international scientists. They all interested in the geology, fauna, and flora. It is a delicate ecosystem that has its uniqueness

Depending on the tourism, however, the fragile ecosystem of Fernando de Noronha is preserved to some rules and limitations.

ernando de Noronha the volcanic archipelago. Distant 350 kilometers off Brazil’s northeast coast.