The fairytale dream of Vail’s Lifestyle.

By Katia Bates

Is there any more alluring of a moment for a family spending precious time together during the wonderful winter holidays? In the town of Vail, those moments come every day. From Winter to Summer, snow on the mountains or a hiker’s dream forest; families find their memorable experiences for life in the endless season’s of Vail.


The ski town of Vail founded by Pete Seibert, a New England native who served in the U. S. Army’ 10th Mountain Division during WW || and a local rancher Earl Eaton in 1962. After World War || Seibert returned to Colorado where he assembled a group of investors from Denver to buy a ranch at the base of the mountain and incorporated into Vail Associates. Vail officially opened its first ski season in december 1962, equipped with a gondola lift and two ski lifts. The little Village quickly grew into a resort, and many hotels, restaurants, lodging and other services opened their doors to satisfy a large number of visitors eager to have fun and learn the new sport of skiing.


By 1969, Vail became the most famous ski town in the state of Colorado, and by 1988, it was already a very successful enterprise. The same year, Vail Associates opened the challenging China Bowl, making the fabulous town the largest ski resort in North America. The Town of Vail sits at about 8,120 feet ( 2,476m ), and it raises up to 11,570 feet which equal to about 3,527m. In its 50 plus years of history, Vail has become a world class resort filled with an international crowd and one common goal: the enjoyment and the Love for this magical place that offers unforgettable memories for all.


European Village style

Vail has welcome Europeans from diverse countries, South Americans, Brazilians, Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, Australians and all who shares the passion for this fantastic place. They have contributed with international flair and sophistication in North America.


Vail attracts an amount of understated wealthy and VIPs who want to escape from the pressure of their regular busy life. People do not come to Vail to pull up to the fanciest restaurant with the latest Ferrari, or the most expensive Rolls Royce; they come to Vail looking for a peaceful time with family and friends.


Since 1962 Vail become the residence for fortunate few. The unpleasant “mud season” after the closing of the slopes and the melting of the snow, has become shorter and less meaningful than time ago. Vail nowadays is visited year round. It is the perfect city to enjoy the weather and the clean air with the beautiful surroundings. Either for a hike up to the mountains or a bike ride down the challenging hill. A sophisticated city for the perfect weekend gateway with the best hotels, spas, and restaurants.


Skiing or snowboarding over a snowfall that sometimes exceeds 25 plus feet, or for a beautiful summer filled with fresh air. Bike, hiking, playing golf, attending rare musical performances and casual outdoor concerts in the town, Vail offers an enormous range of activities for all ages. From toddlers to grandparents, from food connoisseurs to shoppers, this little European-style village is magical for all. Life in Vail is colorful and full of energy. It is also a safe town and a safe place to raise a family.


The “new dawn” in Vail has paved Real Estate with magnificent homes, penthouses, and condos. The opening of new and attractive hotels, and restaurants with outdoor dining and culinary exchanges. European-style boutiques with the latest and bespoke fashion locally operated gift stores and art galleries, and a variety of entertainment that has captured the interest of the most discerning tourist. Lately, Vail has witnessed an increasing demand for architect, interior designers and other related services to Real Estate industry.


Aside from the real estate development, the excitement runs high in Vail, and it is endless. There are many hot spots for visitors, good food, outstanding wines and unique shopping experiences.