In Review is a luxury lifestyle magazine created and published in Miami by American Sky Media

In Review Magazine – It is all about Lifestyle and Luxury for the wealthiest audience in Miami & Brazil. A sophisticated South Florida publication. A multicultural magazine wrote in English & Portuguese, representing the leadership & high-end luxury magazines in Miami and abroad.

This upscale and high-end media is renowned for producing the highest quality content featuring the wealthiest audience in South Florida. In Review is distributed to all 5-stars buildings in town such as the recently launched Porsche Design Tower, Oceana, Regalia the most exclusive and expensive condos in the city. In Review is tailored to a broad and exigent community.In Review Magazine is the leading network for the Brazilian luxury lifestyle and its multicultural audience. AN AMERICAN SKY MEDIA PUBLICATION.

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Vin Lee Testimonial

My company has worked with the most prominent media in the United States and around the world for more than half a century, from hard cutting news sources like Forbes, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal to fashion and luxury lifestyle publications like the Robb Report, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair Magazine. In Review Magazine has guided the image and message of this beautiful publication across these varied landscapes providing meaningful content and entertainment in a brilliant and thought-provoking manner. We were proud to participate in the recent issue spotlighting the City of Beverly Hills. American Sky Media has been a fantastic content partner for us, producing high-quality material marrying excellent photographic imagery with a superb editorial copy for the world of luxury & upscale living and it’s wealthy and successful audience across both the digital and print platforms. I am excited to see what In Review Magazine introduce us to next.

Vin Lee

Chief Executive Officer at Hadid,
Dalgety and Grand Metropolitan

Washington Olivetto Testimonial

When I was invited to write an article about New York City by In Review Magazine I didn’t know it before. So the acceptance of this invitation was just an act of kindness, but I was thrilled when I received the magazine. And then, I was even more surprised with the repercussion about the article. All of my friends who live in Miami, read it and liked it a lot.

Washington Olivetto

Chairman of W McCann-Ericson

Ronald Rodriguez Testimonial

As a former OVP of Special Events, Public Relations and Tourism Marketing for Macy’s Florida, In Review Magazine gave me a great opportunity to promote our company to both domestic and international customers, in both English and Portuguese. Our large Latin American visitor population, and our local Portuguese speaking Macy’s customers enjoyed and appreciated seeing our ads in their native language. The visual appeal and the interesting articles made In Review a hit from the first issue.

Ronald Rodriguez

Macy’s former OVP of Special Events,
Public Relations and Tourism Marketing

Thomas Beuermann Testimonial

As the Chief Concierge at the Porsche Design Tower, an architectural and engineering masterpiece and one of the most luxuries residential towers in the world, I hand select only the best magazines for our ultra-high net worth residents. From the first issues we received it was very successful and this magazine was on high demand. With most residents from South America I look forward to a great partnership with In Review and to further accommodate this fantastic magazine in our very unique tower. Thank you to the In Review Team.

Thomas Beuermann

Porsche Design
Tower Chief Concierge